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The Author Support
Book Coaching Program

📚 Unlock Your Writing Potential with Our Exclusive Author Coaching Program!


Are you an aspiring author ready to bring your story to life or share your expertise through a self-help book? Look no further! Our comprehensive 12-week Author Coaching Program is designed to empower you with the knowledge, skills, and support you need to transform your writing dreams into reality.

If you're an aspiring author with a passion for writing, but you feel like you're stuck, desire manuscript feedback, or don't know where to start or how to proceed, then our developmental book coaching program is exactly what you need.


Our program is designed to:

  • Guide and support you through every stage of the writing process, from idea generation to manuscript completion.

  • Provide personalized feedback, constructive critiques, and ongoing encouragement to help you develop your writing skills and achieve your goals.

  • Work with you one-on-one to help you refine your message, develop your characters, plot your story, and more.

  • Help you stay motivated and focused to have a completed manuscript in 12 weeks.


Don't let obstacles stand in the way of your dream of becoming a published author. Sign up for our Author Support Coaching Program today and take the first step toward achieving your writing goals.


What's Included:


🌟 Expert Guidance: Receive personalized 1-on-1 coaching sessions with experienced writing coaches who have a proven track record of helping authors succeed.


📝 Structured Learning: Dive deep into the art of storytelling or crafting compelling self-help narratives with our structured curriculum designed to cover all aspects of the writing process.


🤝 Community Support: Connect with like-minded authors in our supportive group coaching sessions where you can share ideas, receive feedback, and build lasting relationships.


🔍 Individualized Feedback: Get valuable feedback on your manuscript drafts, writing samples, and story ideas to help you refine your writing style and strengthen your narrative.


🚀 Publishing Preparation: Learn about the different publishing options available, from traditional publishing to self-publishing, and get expert guidance on how to prepare your manuscript for submission.


Why Choose Our Program:


✨ Tailored Approach: Our program is tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each participant, ensuring a personalized learning experience that maximizes your writing potential.


📈 Proven Results: We have helped authors successfully publish their books and share their stories with the world, thanks to the guidance and support of our coaching program.


🌟 Invest in Your Writing Journey: Whether you're a seasoned writer looking to take your craft to the next level or a first-time author with a story to tell, our program provides the tools, support, and inspiration you need to succeed.


Ready to Write Your Next Chapter? Enroll Now, and Let's Bring Your Writing Dreams to Life!


Cost of Program: $697 when you purchase a book publishing package with us!

How we work to support you...

Book a call today to get started!

PurposePals Publishing is a Christian faith-based publishing company. We DO NOT publish manuscripts containing excessive profanity, sexually explicit content, or horror.

Here's what someof our clients had to say...

I didn’t know I needed you until I needed you. It was because of this book that I have been able to uncover the hidden sources of my emotional wounds. Writing this book has been therapeutic. I discovered that I had more to do with my healing than anyone else. You were more than my publisher. You were my destiny helper. Thank you!

Dr. Felisa Kendall, PurposePals Author

Evolution of a Woman

Felisa 10-15-2204498.jpg
Read More

Kimi, helped me develop a business and marketing plan for my book at our very first meeting. The fact that Kimi was confident of my ending at the beginning of the process encouraged me. The PurposePals power sessions were my absolute favorite.

Prophetess Shanta Moore

PurposePals Author

Destiny, It's in the Grain

Read More

Coaching Program Cost:


When you book a publsihing package with us!

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