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As WE Lay

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The Altar of Decision

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As We Lay

As We Lay: The Altar of Decision is a collection of prophetic revelations. This is a prophetic biblical guided study book. If you are someone who has been asking God what is Heaven saying? This book is for you. God took the author on a journey through the scripture and showed today what has been decoded in times past. This book unveils God’s understanding of humanity. Much of the societal devastation can be discovered in the decisions before time. Shanta Moore is not a time traveler, but she is a redeemer of time because the days are evil. Her book will ask you to redeem the time that you may have wasted on unfruitful decisions. 


As We Lay will awaken the reader to the reality of the power of both demonic and Holy altars. The details in this book show how humanity has been perplexed by the antagonist will of Satan. His will is eternally against the will of God. When Satan found a woman to lay with on the altar, he executed his will.  You will learn why Satan wants to get as many people as he can to follow him. "As We Lay," will invigorate your love for the bible. The way the author has woven together the biblical accounts is captivating.


When God chose her to release this book, he said, “Daughter, it is vital that people know what I said and why I said it. In this hour, I need you to help assist Me in telling people the truth about what happened and why it is still happening. There are so many people who do not know the origin of today’s sin. This book shall serve as a timeline that will be a vehicle of truth. Truth is essential for freedom.”

The Truth Will Set You Free

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About the Author


Prophet Shanta is a revelatory prophetic teacher and preacher. She has been commissioned by God to demonstrate His Kingdom purpose in the earth. Prophetess Moore pursues God in intercession for restoration and revival fire in the Nations.  Her message is simple, “Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life.” Prophet Shanta Moore serves as a Kingdom Ambassador alongside her husband, Prophet Marvin Moore, Jr as Pastor of The Unapologetics Movement Center of Macon, GA. Prophetess Moore is the mother of two beautiful children. She is a prophetic fashion designer and owner of 42 Generations Creations  LLC.

She has written a book, “ Destiny, It’s in the Grain” and “As We Lay: The Altar of Decisions.” Prophetess Moore graduated from Mercer University with a degree in Social Science.  She graduated with honors from Covenant School of Ministry with a concentration in Ministerial Ethics. Prophetess Moore received her prophetic training from Christian International.


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