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The Unwritten Letters Anthology Series

What is the Unwritten Letters Anthology Series:

The Unwritten Letters Anthology Series is a part of the Young Authors initiative to provide opportunities for youth to express themselves through creative writing in the form of letters inspired by various topics.

What is an Anthology:


An anthology is a collection of selected literary pieces or passages or works of art or music

Current Topic: Letters of Gratitude to Unsung Heros

Length of the Program:


The program is six sessions and will end with a dinner banquet honoring the newly published authors.

Youth who participate in this program will receive the following:

  • Hands-on Developmental Writing Assistance

  • Basic Understanding of the Book Publishing Process

  • Basic Entrepreneurship Training and Etiquette Practices

  • A Printed Copy of their Published Book for each participant

  • Author Feature in PurposePals Magazine

In this 8-session program, youth learn how to express their gratitude and appreciation in the art of letter writing. They are guided through self-connection and empathy exercises that help them embrace and identify emotions and experiences that helped them become a better person.

Topics of discussion include:

How to write a letter

What is an anthology

What is an unsung hero

Ways to show appreciation and gratitude


Contact us to see how your organization can be a part of the Unwritten Letters Series.


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