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Hands of Gratitude
Keepsake Books

Create a lasting memory for your preschoolers with our custom Hands of Gratitude Keepsake Handprint Book.


This keepsake includes personalized hand prints and words of gratitude from students and staff.

Graduations, holidays, or graduations--Our Hands of Gratitude Books are perfect  for any occasion!

Capture unforgettable moments! 

Preschool is a momentous occasion in a child's life and marks the beginning of a new chapter. Parents enjoy capturing every moment and memory of this special time in their child's life. That's why a preschool keepsake book is a perfect way to document important milestones. Each book is created with a memorable hands-on approach that will create a memory of a lifetime.

What's Included?

Check Out Our Sample Book

Our custom layout includes:
  • A handprint page for each graduate with a special note to loved ones
  • A personalized letter from the owner and/or director with a photo* 
  • A message from each staff member with a photo*
  • A class photo*
*Photos are optional

Book Specs:

8.5 x 8.5

Full Color

Soft Cover

Perfect Bond

The number of pages depends on the order specifications.

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Hands of Gratitude Kit $197

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What's the cost:

Our setup fee is $197 and includes the following:

Hassle-free Hands-on Activity Facilitation

  • Our team will come to your facility to set up, facilitate and break down fingerprint stations. 

Finger Painting Kits

  • We will provide each preschooler a fingerpainting kit that includes finger paint, handprint sheets, plastic smocks, paint trays, and gratitude sentence starter sheets. 

Custom Book Formatting and Book Order Support

  • Books are custom designed to reflect your school's brand and occasion by using your company's logo and desired colors on the front cover and throughout the book's pages. 


Are printed books included?

Printed books are NOT included. Books are printed on demand and can be ordered at 30 books or more. 

Cost of Books:

The cost of books will depend on the number of pages that are included in your order. We will sell the books to you at a wholesale price which can be adjusted based on your desired price margin to sell at your school. For example, you purchase the book from us at $10.00 but can sell it for $25.00. 

How can parents order the books?

Parents will order books directly from the school. The school will submit a book order to us. 

How long do the fingerprinting sessions take?

Sessions can be completed within a 90-minute but can take longer depending on the number of participating preschoolers. 

How are handprints made digitally?

All handprints are sent by schools electronically or by mail. Our system then transfers each handprint to our book formatting software for a high-quality and professional printed book.


Who facilitates sessions?

Sessions are facilitated by the participating school. PurposePals staff can facilitate sessions for an additional fee.  

Get Started

Send us the details about your graduation book and we’ll get you a customized quote.

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