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Have you ever wanted to share all of the gruesome details of every painful situation you have experienced without inflicting pain on who hurt you? That's exactly what the Father taught author Shanta Moore to do as He impressed upon her the words you will read in Destiny, It's in the Grain.

Come along with author Shanta Moore on a discovery of destiny as God reveals how you can be healed and made whole, all while not pointing fingers, placing blame, or rehashing your afflictions.

Shanta guides you through how to release the grains of hurt, disappointment, grief, and bitterness into the hands of the Father so that you can be healed and set free.


Sharing an account of everything she has experienced in her 42 years of life, Shanta teaches how deliverance is within the life of the Grain, not the agony of the pain. The Destiny Dots found at the end of each chapter invites readers to do the personal work required to experience a Heavenly release. This book will teach you how to decode the pain that has had you stagnant by propelling you to live a destiny fulfilled life!


Now is the time to apologize to yourself for allowing people to hold you hostage in their hostile environments. Now that you see it all served a purpose, let's serve defeat and despair an eviction notice. The Grain of pain has been pushed out, and your destiny has pressed you into greater. No, you can not change what happened to you! But you can change how you respond to it.

-Shanta Moore

Destiny, It's in the Grain

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